Barry B. LePatner TOO BIG TO FALL America's failing infrastructure and the way forward
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“Our nation lacks an overarching transportation policy that lays out a map to get us out of this crisis. We must overcome outdated congressional funding mechanisms that serve political as opposed to national transportation goals, a lack of vision about how the private sector can work with the government in a constructive partnership to benefit states starved for funding, and an unfathomable reluctance to apply advanced cost-saving technologies to the inspection and remediation of our transportation system. The problem demands leadership.”
—p. xxii - xxiii


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Tale of Two Bridges
Chapter 2: Following the Money: Road and Bridge Funding and the Maintenance Deficit
Chapter 3: No Sense of Urgency: The Politics and Culture of Road and Bridge Maintenance
Chapter 4: Finding the Money
Chapter 5: The Technological Imperative
Chapter 6: The Way Forward