Barry B. LePatner TOO BIG TO FALL America's failing infrastructure and the way forward
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Chapter 6: The Way Forward

“Implicit in any understanding of the problems our nation faces with its ailing infrastructure is that we must make significant changes in how we fund, build, and manage these critical assets. It would be inconceivable for the nation to allocate the massive amounts of money needed to bring our roads, bridges, airports, power grid, and levees up to acceptable standards, only to have those assets begin a downward slide toward a new deterioration for future generations to correct. To address current needs and make the required structural changes in our system, we need to educate our politicians and our citizens about the critical state of our nation’s infrastructure and infect them with a renewed sense of urgency about acting before it is too late. We need to apply the latest available technology to ensure that how we design, construct, and maintain our nation’s transportation infrastructure will produce enough cost efficiencies to offset the staggering costs of the past few decades’ deferred maintenance. And we need to use creative management in overseeing the trillions of dollars of assets in our nation’s transportation inventory. To do all this will require a renewed commitment to restoring our infrastructure’s lost prominence.”
—p. 157 - 158


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Tale of Two Bridges
Chapter 2: Following the Money: Road and Bridge Funding and the Maintenance Deficit
Chapter 3: No Sense of Urgency: The Politics and Culture of Road and Bridge Maintenance
Chapter 4: Finding the Money
Chapter 5: The Technological Imperative
Chapter 6: The Way Forward