Barry B. LePatner TOO BIG TO FALL America's failing infrastructure and the way forward
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About the Book

“America is always about the next new thing. We build beautifully. But building brings with it responsibility that extends long past the date when a project is completed and put into use. Our record of maintaining what we build is less than beautiful.”
~ Too Big to Fall

Too Big to Fall is the culmination of years of research and writing by author Barry LePatner. Following the I-35W Bridge collapse, LePatner made it his personal mission to inform the public about the dangerous state of the nation’s infrastructure.

In the book’s introduction, LePatner lays out his goals for the book:

To provide the reader with an inside view of the nation’s transportation system. Specifically, to give the traveling public an understanding of what is needed to maintain our infrastructure facilities after a project’s completion.

To define the magnitude of the infrastructure problems we face, and the economic imperatives that will eventually make it clear to federal and state leaders that—just as some companies and banks have been deemed too big to fail—our bridges and other critical infrastructure elements must be viewed as too big to fall.

To lay out the extent of the failures we are currently encountering with these massive transportation facilities and the costs to our economy associated with these failures.

To call on our leaders to reprioritize how they allocate and spend the hundreds of millions of dollars that flow out of Washington each year to state transportation departments.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Tale of Two Bridges
Chapter 2: Following the Money: Road and Bridge Funding and the Maintenance Deficit
Chapter 3: No Sense of Urgency: The Politics and Culture of Road and Bridge Maintenance
Chapter 4: Finding the Money
Chapter 5: The Technological Imperative
Chapter 6: The Way Forward